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Sami is so excited that this will be her third year participating in the Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington.   Sami is Deaf and she has cerebral palsy.  In preparation for Sunrise, Sami enjoys hiking in The Whites.  She has hiked 8 of New Hampshire’s 48 4,000 footers so far!



ABOUT 2024 Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington

Help our teams to accomplish their Sunrise Ascent Summit Fundraising Goal of $6,288.00!

Name Date Amount Comments
Christina Smith 07/19/2024 $.00  
Christine Cordner 07/15/2024 $155.25 Happy summit, Sami, from a fellow Hiking Buddy NH 48!
Christine Cordner 07/09/2024 $75.00  
Katelyn Clark 06/13/2024 $75.00  
Emily Brunell 06/11/2024 $.00  
Carly Greenberg 05/26/2024 $75.00  
Michaela Brunell 05/09/2024 $75.00  
Andrew Barlow 05/09/2024 $75.00  
Caleb Neelon 05/09/2024 $50.00 Go Sami!
Suzanne Marinello 04/24/2024 $25.00  
Natasha Chavoor 04/16/2024 $100.00 Go Sami!!!
Andrew Barlow 04/16/2024 $100.00 Team Sami Let’s Go!
  Total $805.25  
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