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I moved to the Mt. Washington Valley to teach adaptive skiing at Attitash in 2005 and never left. Now I’m a paraprofessional in special ed at Kennett High School in Conway. I’ve been handcycling for about as long as I’ve lived in The Valley.  With some advances in bike tech I thought it might be possible to climb the Auto Road on a road handcycle. It’s been done on off-road handcycles and with e assist, but my goal last summer was to do it on my own faster than other unassisted handcyclists. I underestimated how tough that road is though. By a lot. I made it about four miles up on my own before relying some on my hikers, Holderness Academy students I know from skiing. 

This year I should have some lower gearing, some experience and a year of training on Zwift. There’s no road like the Auto Road on the East Coast but the online cycling platform has some virtual rides that get close. I’m not 100% I can go all the way under my own power, but I expect to get closer to the top this year.  

ABOUT 2024 Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington

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Name Date Amount Comments
Beth Corbett 07/23/2024 $.00  
Lynne Klosterman 07/17/2024 $20.97 Thxs to betsey roguet for posting thia. My high achool track and xc coach theu 1981 was bound to wheelchair. We ski attitash. Keep it up!
Seth Starr 06/28/2024 $75.00  
Benjamin McBride 05/26/2024 $75.00  
MATTHEW GIROUARD 05/23/2024 $75.00  
Erik Corbett 05/03/2024 $150.00  
  Total $395.97  
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