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Jason Jones is a father, Veteran, adaptive athlete, and fighter.  He is a Navy Veteran, originally from Texas but fell in love with Vermont after attending Norwich University.  Jason was diagnosed with ALS in December 2015 and has been fighting the good fight ever since.  He has four kids, three daughters and a son, and is a single dad.  His goal is to fight, support ALS research, and continue to live each day, full of life.  Adaptive sports have given him the opportunity to continue to do all the activities he loves with his friends and family.  He bikes, hikes, hunts, fishes. paddles, skis, and enjoys all the equipment available to him to make this possible.  His goal is to live to see his youngest son graduate high school.

ABOUT 2024 Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington

Help our teams to accomplish their Sunrise Ascent Summit Fundraising Goal of $6,288.00!

Name Date Amount Comments
Ali Leible 07/19/2024 $51.96  
Dirrell Jones 07/19/2024 $104.69  
Roderick Robeson 07/19/2024 $103.71  
Jamie DeLude 07/19/2024 $26.16  
Mia Hower 07/15/2024 $75.00  
Christine Millette 07/10/2024 $103.60 Show them who’s the boss, Jonesy!
Todd Willis 07/05/2024 $104.69  
Brian Gibbons 06/19/2024 $100.00  
Bakari Dale 06/19/2024 $150.00 Keep pushing my brother. BIG FACTS! You are inspiration to the world.
Amelia McConnell 06/17/2024 $.00  
Heather Kasper 06/07/2024 $75.00  
Sam Marquis 05/13/2024 $75.00  
Shari Marquis 05/13/2024 $75.00  
Kayla Thibault 05/09/2024 $75.00  
Kyle Bentley 05/09/2024 $75.00  
  Total $1,194.81  
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